This article is a good place to start if you are looking for information on how to configure the THEOplayer Youbora integration. The THEOplayer Youbora pre-integration is part of the Analytics API. On that page you will find detailed information on how to get started by setting up the Web SDK integration. An example implementation can be seen here: http://demo.theoplayer.com/youbora-analytics-test-page-20171025

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Code example

If you are configuring the Android SDK (or iOS SDK) you should use the put method. As an example, in order to achieve a similar setting as on http://demo.theoplayer.com/youbora-analytics-test-page-20171025, you would use the following:


Make sure you load the Youbora plugin in the head of the page.

  • For THEOplayer version 2021.2.0 (api version 2.81.0) and newer:

    <script src="http://smartplugin.youbora.com/v6/js/adapters/theoplayer2/6.7.7/sp.min.js"></script>
  • For THEOplayer version 2021.1.0 (api version 2.80.0) and older:

    <script src="http://smartplugin.youbora.com/v6/js/adapters/theoplayer2/6.5.7/sp.min.js"></script>

Include the following in the SourceDescription object:

var youbora = {
    "integration": "youbora",
    "accountCode": "YOUR_YOUBORA_ACCOUNT_CODE",
    "enableAnalytics": true,
    "username": "THEO",
    "content.title": "THEO 1 (VOD)",
    "content.duration": 653,
    "content.isLive": false
var SourceDescription = {
    "sources": [typedSource]
    "analytics": [youbora],
Android (TV) SDK

There are two approaches to configuring Youbora.

  • Through the Player's Source
YouboraOptions youbora = YouboraOptions.Builder.youboraOptions("YOUR_YOUBORA_ACCOUNT_CODE")
    .put("enableAnalytics", "true")
    .put("username", "THEO")
    .put("content.title", "THEO 1 (VOD)")
    .put("content.duration", "653")
    .put("content.isLive", "false")
SourceDescription sourceDescription = SourceDescription.Builder.sourceDescription()
tpv.getPlayer().setSource(sourceDescription );
  • Through the Player's Configuration - Programmatically:
// create player config
THEOplayerConfig playerConfig = new THEOplayerConfig.Builder()

// create player
THEOplayerView tpv = new THEOplayerView(this, playerConfig);
  • Or through the Players' Configuration - XML configuration:
    app:youboraAccountCode="YOUR_YOUBORA_ACCOUNT_CODE" />
iOS (/tvOS) SDK

First, create a YouboraOptions object and provide it to the player's configuration. This step is required to load the Youbora plugin adapter.

let youboraOptions = YouboraOptions(accountCode: "YOUR_YOUBORA_ACCOUNT_CODE")
youboraOptions.put(key: "enableAnalytics", value: "true")
let playerConfiguration = THEOplayerConfiguration(chromeless: true, analytics: [youboraOptions])

You can then provide different Youbora option objects per source you set:

let youbora = YouboraOptions(accountCode: "YOUR_YOUBORA_ACCOUNT_CODE")
youbora.put(key: "enableAnalytics", value: "true")
youbora.put(key: "username", value: "THEO")
youbora.put(key: "content.title", value: "THEO 1 (VOD)")
youbora.put(key: "content.duration", value: "653")
youbora.put(key: "content.isLive", value: "false")
let sourceDescription = SourceDescription(source : typedSource, analytics: [youbora])
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