Getting started with React Native

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  1. Overview
  2. How to use these guides
  3. Prerequisites
  4. Getting Started


The react-native-theoplayer package provides a THEOplayerView component supporting video playback on the following platforms:

  • Android, Android TV & FireTV
  • iOS & tvOS (Apple TV)
  • Web (currently only HTML5 browsers are tested)

This document covers the creation of a minimal app including a THEOplayerView component, and an overview of the included example app with its basic UI.

It also gives a description of the properties of the THEOplayerView component, and a list of features and known limitations.


For each platform, a dependency to the corresponding THEOplayer SDK is included through a dependency manager:

  • Gradle & Maven for Android
  • Cocoapods for iOS
  • npm for Web

In order to use one of these THEOplayer SDKs, it is necessary to obtain a valid THEOplayer license for that specific platform, i.e. HTML5, Android, and/or iOS. You can use your existing THEOplayer SDK license or request a free trial account.

If you have no previous experience in React Native, we encourage you to first explore the React Native Documentation, as it gives you a good start on one of the most popular app development frameworks.

How to use these guides

These are guides on how to use the THEOplayer React Native SDK in your React Native project(s) and can be used linearly or by searching the specific section. It is recommended that you have a basic understanding of how React Native works to speed up the way of working with THEOplayer React Native SDK.

Getting Started

This section starts with creating a minimal demo app that integrates the react-native-theoplayer package, followed by an overview of the available properties and functionality of the THEOplayerView component. An example application including a basic user interface and demo sources is included in the git repository, and discussed in the next section. Finally, an overview of features, limitations and known issues is listed.

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