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Yospace - class in com.theoplayer.android.api.yospace
The Yospace API.
YOSPACE - enum entry in com.theoplayer.android.api.source.ssai.SsaiIntegration

The configuration with this identifier is a YoSpaceDescription.

YoSpaceDescription - class in com.theoplayer.android.api.source.ssai
The configuration of the YoSpace Server-Side Ad Insertion.
YoSpaceDescription.Builder - class in com.theoplayer.android.api.source.ssai.YoSpaceDescription
YospaceEvent - class in com.theoplayer.android.api.event.yospace
The Yospace Event.
YospaceEventTypes - class in com.theoplayer.android.api.event.yospace
The types of Yospace Events.
YoSpaceLogLevelConfiguration - class in com.theoplayer.android.api.source.ssai.yospace
The configuration of the Yospace log level.
YoSpaceLogLevelConfiguration.Builder - class in com.theoplayer.android.api.source.ssai.yospace.YoSpaceLogLevelConfiguration
The builder for the YoSpace log level configuration.
YOUBORA - enum entry in com.theoplayer.android.api.source.analytics.AnalyticsIntegration

The Youbora integration.

YouboraOptions - class in com.theoplayer.android.api.source.analytics
The configuration of the Youbora integration.
YouboraOptions.Builder - class in com.theoplayer.android.api.source.analytics.YouboraOptions
The builder of the Youbora configuration.
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