Class TypedSource

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    public class TypedSource

    The Typed Source API.

    • This represents a media resource characterized by a URL to the resource and optionally information about the resource.
    • This optional information can be DRM parameters for that specific source.
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      • getSrc

        @NonNull() String getSrc()

        The source URL of the manifest or video file to be played. (NonNull)

      • getType

        @Nullable() SourceType getType()

        The MIME type of the source.


        • 'application/dash+xml' for MPEG-DASH sources.
        • 'video/mp4' for single MP4 files.
      • getLiveOffset

        @Nullable() Double getLiveOffset()

        The live point from the end of the manifest, in seconds.

        • Will return null if the live point offset is 3 target durations.
      • getTimeServer

        @Nullable() String getTimeServer()

        Returns the URL of the time server. (Nullable)

        • The time server should return time in ISO-8601 format.
        • Only applies to the current source.
      • isHlsDateRange

        @Nullable() Boolean isHlsDateRange()

        Returns whether the logic to expose date ranges parsed from HLS manifests is enabled. (Nullable)

        • Can be null if this property is not set.
        • If not set, the internal behaviour is similar to 'false'.
      • isLowLatency

        @Nullable() Boolean isLowLatency()

        Returns whether the source should be played in the low-latency-mode of the player. (Nullable)

        • Can be null if this property is not set.
        • Only applicable to live content.