Class THEOplayerGlobal

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    public abstract class THEOplayerGlobal

    The THEOplayer related operations which are not tied to a particular THEOplayerView.

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      • getCache

        @Nullable() abstract Cache getCache()

        The cache.

        • Only available with feature 'cache'.
        • Will return null if the 'cache' feature is not enabled.
      • registerContentProtectionIntegration

         abstract void registerContentProtectionIntegration(@NonNull() String integrationId, @NonNull() KeySystemId keySystemId, @NonNull() ContentProtectionIntegrationFactory integrationFactory)

        Register a ContentProtectionIntegrationFactory for a specific integration id and a specific keySystem.

        integrationId - The name of the integration which is being defined.
        keySystemId - The name of the DRM key system to be used.
        integrationFactory - The factory to get an implementation of ContentProtectionIntegration.
      • getVersion

         static String getVersion()

        The THEOplayer version used.


        • "2.67.0"