Class THEOplayerConfig

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    public class THEOplayerConfig

    The THEOplayer Configuration API.

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      • isChromeless

         boolean isChromeless()

        Returns whether the chromeless player is used.

        • By default the player uses the 'chromefull' version with control buttons etc.

        Default: false

      • isMultiSession

         boolean isMultiSession()

        Returns whether the player supports multi-key content when the license server doesn't respond with all keys at once.

        • When using the experimental rendering multi-key content is only supported for license servers who return all key at once.
        • Setting this parameter to true also supports license server who doesn't return all keys at once.
        • When using this flag adaptation between streams that use different keys will not be completely seamless.

        Default: false

      • defaultCss

         boolean defaultCss()

        Returns whether the default THEOplayer styling file is enabled.

        Default: The player uses the default THEOplayer css file.

      • getCssPaths

        @NonNull() List<String> getCssPaths()

        The list of paths of optional css files to be loaded.

        • These can also be URLs for remote files.
        • For checking div class names etc, refer to the assets/theoplayer folder of the library which is merged with the app assets folder.
      • getJsPaths

        @NonNull() List<String> getJsPaths()

        The list of paths of optional javascript files to be loaded.

        • These can also be URLs for remote files.
        • These JS files should not be used to override the player properties. Overriding the player properties will result in undefined behavior in the SDK.
      • isGoogleIma

         boolean isGoogleIma()

        Returns whether the Google IMA Sdk should be included.

        • The Google IMA Sdk is required when the Google IMA integration is used for ads.
        • To determine whether the IMA SDK is being used, refer to googleIma
      • getJsPathsPre

        @NonNull() List<String> getJsPathsPre()

        The list of paths to javascript files which are loaded before the player is constructed.

        • These can also be URLs for remote files.
      • getLiveOffset

        @Nullable() Double getLiveOffset()

        The offset duration between the live point and the end of the manifest.

        • This will return null if it is 3 target durations.
      • isHlsDateRange

        @Nullable() Boolean isHlsDateRange()

        Returns whether the logic to expose date ranges parsed from HLS manifests is enabled. (Nullable)